Yoga, Dru and Me

Hi, my name  is Lyned and yoga has been in my life for over 30 years.  From the beginning, I not only enjoyed the physical side, I was also fascinated by its more subtle aspects and philosophy too.


In 2007 I went to my first Dru Yoga class and I knew I had discovered something special.  The gentle, flowing movements calmed my mind and body and the deep relaxation at the end of each class left me feeling refreshed and replenished.


At that time I was suffering from chronic back and hip pain, tight shoulders, stiff neck and poor sleep patterns – the long-term impact of two car accidents, a long commute, a desk job and the general stresses and strains of modern life.  It was such a relief to find a class that allowed me to work with my body rather than against it and to bring some clarity and peace to a busy and overstimulated mind.


I loved going to class so much that a couple of years later I joined the 2 year teacher training course initially for personal interest but found myself going on to teach because I wanted to share what I had learned.  Without a doubt the most satisfying aspect of teaching is hearing students say how well they sleep, how they move more easily and that aches have eased after attending class.


Over time, I have found Dru Yoga to be an incredible tool to help me take control over all aspects of my life and support my well-being at all levels.


I would love to help you discover what Dru Yoga can do for you too.

Lyned of Yoga for You