Getting the most out of a class

Honouring Yourself


  • Dru Yoga is all about you - as you are, right now, so there’s no competition either with yourself or other participants.  It is ok to rest if necessary or to choose not to participate in any aspect of the class.


  • Pain is a warning sign, you must stop any activity that causes pain.


  • For your safety and well-being, any directions to omit or substitute moves should be followed if they apply to you.


  • If any part of your body is vulnerable or weak, take extra care when working on these areas.

Being Comfortable

  • A sticky, non-slip yoga map is essential.  These are widely available.


  • Wear loose or stretchy clothing.  Layers are ideal as you are likely to warm up as the class progresses and cool down during the relaxation at the end.  If you prefer to wear socks, ‘non-slip’ socks make sense.


  • A blanket for warmth and a cushion for your head is a good idea for relaxation.


  • Please bring a bottle of water.


  • It is best to avoid a eating a heavy meal within 2 hours of the class start time.

Consideration for Others

  • Please turn your mobile phone off or switch to silent mode.

Yoga Class