About Dru Yoga

There are so many types of yoga on offer, it can be confusing not only for someone looking for their first class but also for those with many years’ experience. 


Dru Yoga is a gentle, flowing style of yoga and includes postures, sequences, relaxation, breathing and meditation techniques. 

What's different about Dru Yoga?

Gentle flowing yoga class

  • It is inclusive, low impact and totally non-competitive – flexibility is not a requirement!  It recognises our uniqueness and can be adapted to accommodate many physical limitations and health conditions.

  • It focuses on promoting a flexible spine which helps the central nervous system work effectively.  Compression of the nerves leaving the spinal column can lead to sub-optimal health not to mention intense pain. 

  • Physical movements are soft, flowing and meditative, creating a feeling of 'stillness in motion'.  Students are often reminded of Tai Chi or Qigong.



  • Energy Block Release (EBR) sequences are unique to Dru Yoga and designed to release physical and emotional tension held in the muscles and joints of the body. 

  • Dru Yoga is often called ‘yoga of the heart’, it works gently in helping to transform negative and painful emotions. 


  • Relaxation is an essential part
    of a class and helps bring a
    deep sense of calm and rest
    to the body and mind.


For more information about Dru Yoga visit druyoga.com

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