Benefits of 1-1 teaching

- Exclusive attention on you!

- Bespoke classes - focus on a specific goal or interest

- Lacking in confidence? – 1 to 1s can give you

the confidence to join a regular class

- Specific health issues or physical limitations

can be fully accounted for

- Practice your yoga at a time that suits you – no need to fit around fixed class times

- Learn a ‘home practice’ to bring yoga into your daily life

£45 for 1 hour, additional time can be added on a

pro rata basis


5% off for block booking of 6 classes to be used within

4 months  

10% off for block booking of 10 classes to be used

within 6 months 

Reflections of a student...

Dru yoga with Lyned has been a wonderful experience. It was very different to other types of yoga I had tried before. I'd describe it as energising, gentle, flowing movements where you tune into your body on a deep level. I have found it excellent for de-stressing, reenergising and usually going from feeling sluggish to revitalised. 


Lyned is a sensitive and intuitive teacher with a great sense of humour. She is very good at making you feel relaxed. She explains the movements thoroughly and makes the necessary readjustments if you get confused without making you feel daft. 


As I had one-to-one tuition she created bespoke sessions where I could choose the balance between physical and meditative practice. We had agreed on a fixed amount of sessions before and during that time I experienced some health issues which meant I couldn't put weight on my feet. Lyned seamlessly transitioned the movements to a chair which worked brilliantly and helped me release physical and mental tension.


I'm a busy person with a busy mind and I found Dru yoga and Lyned's approach helped me to completely slow down and relax and quieten the constant chatter in my head. I would go from feeling slightly hyper to feeling very zen and chilled out. 


Thank you Lyned for a wonderful experience - I'm taking away some lifelong lessons. 


Cecile Besrest-Butler